Lunch BuffetVeg: ₹525 | Non-Veg: ₹675Monday - Friday(taxes & charges applicable)


Chilli Oil
Thai Spice Mix
Magic Spice Mix

Assorted Crisps
Pickled Vegetables
Thai Chilli Peanuts

Honey Mustard Potato
Kakiage Vegetable
Fiery Chongqing Red Chilli Chicken Wings
Chilli Basil Pork
Asian Potato Salad
Thai Glass Noodle
Raw Papaya Salad
Korean Kimchi
Spicy pickled cabbage, a Korean staple
Chinese Manchow
Raw Papaya Salad
Asian Potato Salad
Chinese Manchow
Thai Glass Noodle
Korean Kimchi
Spicy pickled cabbage, a Korean staple
Red Thai Curry Veg
Sichuan Sauce - Asian Vegetables
Penang Curry - Fish
Massaman Curry - Fish
Black Bean Sauce - Chicken
Kolkata Hawker Chow Mein - Veg
Yong Chow Fried Rice - Veg
Steamed Rice*
Sticky Rice
*Please ask the server to serve it on the table
Udon Stir Fried Noodles - Chicken
Yong Chow Fried Rice - Egg
*Steamed Rice
Sticky Rice
*Please ask the server to serve it on the table
Assorted Mochi Ice-Cream

Nam Hom – Mint Lime / Honey Ginger
Thai style aromatic Fresh Coconut Water     ₹110

Raamune – Passion Fruit / Cranberry
Japanese Flavoured Beverage       ₹90


Basil Watermelon Mule              ₹140
Fresh Watermelon and Basil combined with Ginger Ale

Indonesian Mint Frappe             ₹140
Fizzy sugar cane juice and fresh mint

Icy Spicy Thai Mojito                   ₹140
Spicy mojito from Walking Street

Citrus Sunshine                           ₹140
Bloody orange with lime and basil

Asia!Asia!Asia!                             ₹140
Refreshing punch of sweet tamarind with a hint of ginger, truly Asian!

Dalgona Matcha Latte                ₹170
Iced Dalgona with Matcha Cream

Boba Tea

Thai Milk             ₹140
Coffee Milk         ₹140
Caramel Milk      ₹140

Hot Tea

Green                 ₹90
Oolong              ₹90
Matcha              ₹90
Shogayu            ₹90

Fizzers & More

Yakult                                       ₹25
Pepsi                                        ₹60
Diet Coke / Ginger Ale          ₹90
Fresh Lime – Sweet / Salt     ₹90
Red Bull                                   ₹130
Coolberg                                 ₹130
Bottled Water                          ₹55
ABC Ais Kacang                      ₹110

GST as applicable
Please inform our service associate in case you are allergic to any food item

We’ve added a 4% service charge to your bill, which will be distributed amongst our team.
However, should you be dissatisfied with the experience, we would be happy to take it off your bill!